• Saipoornima Madiwal

Why Instagram is the worst place to find your worth?

I am an Instagram addict, I won't deny. I keep scrolling down the app as much as you do. I check my phone constantly for notifications for comments and likes (...which come rarely, mind you).

It's an issue. We need to figure a way out of this rut. There are a-lot of people who are successful, creating great work and doing well in the industry and don't need Instagram followers to prove that.

For example: India's top food photographer Saba is the go to photographer for most top brands for Photography services, while she recently joined instagram, her reach to a wider audience seems low. Here's a link to her page:

I am truly a fan and it's hard to believe that she ain't insta-famous.

The real question is, does it really matter? Do you follower's comments and likes matter? Do you really want to keep your world so small that you want to be an Insta-Famous photographer/artist? There's nothing wrong in the idea of social media, it's an era of digital age and it makes sense but the most disappointing part is when it's misused.

Brands must stop shortlisting photographers based on the number of followers they have. It all comes back to the idea that you need to socialise and butter them up to work with them (which frankly is very 1950s).

Doesn't my work tell you my worth?

Networking is great (definitely not for introverts like me) it actually helps you get work offline!

What I'm trying to say is, seeking validation on Instagram is no good, my personal posts and selfies do far well as compared to work. If I don't post work, brands don't see me as a "serious" enough photographer, it's a vicious cycle.

I have started using the app for my enjoyment and education, I am there to learn and to have fun!

You can see the difference in Insights with the screenshots i've attached below.

One of my best projects with Chamee and Palak did fairly okay in terms of likes and comments. The reach I achieved was through the hashtags I used related to weddings/bride.

A proof how Ahuja and I do great on my Instagram without hashtags, people are more interested in seeing beyond work and their likes on work mean nothing.

I mess around and try different colour tones and satisfy my OCD. I rant about things that upset me and of course, every now and then I give the folks who are watching a small peek into my work.

All said and done, the app has become a prime platform to look for an artist and see their work, so watch out for those potential clients who come through instagram and make sure they sign you for your work and not your your followers.!

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