• Saipoornima Madiwal

Too young to be a photographer?

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

One of my biggest struggles in being a photographer has been the fact that I am too young.

Nobody takes me seriously because I am short or because I have a child like face.

To be honest, I am 97' born and I am 22.

I am considered too young to be an established photographer or someone with a skill/talent.

I am too early in the field.

I feel extremely sad to even speak up to the person who says anything regarding this, because after they have a look at the photographs, they have fallen in love with the work I produced.

Be it a famous model/celebrity or a regular chef in a hotel, I have been constantly facing this issue.

Until I take out my equipment and not less than 6 bags to the location,

everyone has a judgement before I take the first shot.

No doubt your life experiences are gained only while you age but that does not stop me from being good at what I do and I don't believe that age is criteria to be something.

I have been photographing people, spaces and food over the past 6 years now and I am proud to say that I create good enough content for brands.

Nonetheless, the solution probably to this has been dressing appropriately and walking up to the client with confidence.

What are the issues you face as a photographer or artist? How do you tackle them?

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