Saipoornima Madiwal

Fashion and lifestyle

I'm Saipoornima Madiwal aka Sasha.

I don't have a cliché story of being stuck in a boring 9-5 job and then quitting it to pursue my dream, in fact, I started out in 9th grade when everyone called me the photographer of the group. Took it up for real; captured the Earth's beauty as it is, captured the details too.

I started with my Nokia 5233 and Canon Ixus. Now I own a Canon 6D. (A full frame! It's a huge deal for me)

Knowing how my mother thought this is just another hobby I'd quit and she is the one who ended up buying me the camera. It has been 7 years since I am photographing and never looked back.

My passion that I made my profession, and never lost the charm of it.

I also Rant a lot. 

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